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Anne O'Brien is IT

Anne O'Brien is an expert global IT team writer, editor and project manager. With worldwide IT teams she writes content for any online business need. Internet website and marketing content. Intranet content for confidential internal corporate communications. And software online help. She is a marketing writer, editor and technical editor. Anne O'Brien is an international award winning technical writer for the children's Nintendo game Mario Is Missing!

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Anne O'Brien has millions of satisfied online customers worldwide. Her effectiveness as a successful IT team writer is due to her laserlike focus on her target audiences. Her clients. Their customers, workforce, business partners and industry supply chain. Anne O'Brien's objective as an IT team player is to help clients attract, acquire, satisfy, retain, expand and up sell these relationships. And to make her team winners. 

Courtesy Consultation


In the Beginning

Clients are IT

Anne O'Brien invites prospective clients to a telephone Courtesy Consultation. During that call, she conducts a structured interview to assess online business needs and discuss potential solution options. 

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Anne O'Brien telecommutes. To contact her use the app below, email, call or text 1 805 704-0303.

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